joi, 8 septembrie 2011

8 september - Independence Day - Republic of Macedonia


How long is a life of one nation? Some of them disappeared long time ago, some of them are recently borne.
Macedonian nation, looking back in history, in past 50-60 years, had an interesting variation of historical events. 08 September 2011 Republic of Macedonia celebrate 20 years of Independence. Separate from Yugoslavia, decided on referendum, in 1991, Macedonian citizens continued life with their everyday regular problems. After 20 years independence political life, we still have many issues to resolve. But, this issues should not put a shadow over this special moment.
Let's celebration begin

Нека е за многу години денешниов ден Македонијо

Song - Planino Moja Rudino -

Composer - Jane Kodjabashija

Performed bu Dime Popovski

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